So what is the Rat Patrol?


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“THE RAT PATROL”  –  1971 Chrysler Valiant Charger

MANUFACTURED – South Australian plant of Chrysler Australia Limited in DEC. 1971.

DRIVETRAIN – Gen 3 6.1 litre SRT HEMI with Cope 727 Transmission, 8&3/4 Sure Grip differential with 3.91 gears, PTC 3800 converter, Indy carb Modman intake,

MISSION – This blog will show off some of its “old school”  Chrysler performance modifications.

THE ORIGINAL “RAT PATROL” –  (aka The Long Range Patrol Group) – A group of Australian and English soldiers who patrolled the deserts of Egypt an Libya during WW2.

THE HOLLYWOOD “RAT PATROL” – Famous 60’s TV series – Maverick International team of “commandos” who rampaged across Egypt in Jeeps – (the truth is the real soldiers used old 4×4 trucks laden with fuel, explosives and water ).

CHEVY ‘RATS’  – GM (The enemy!) named their performance engines “Rats”, so  I’ve nicknamed my car the Rat Patrol!

Your Editor

Mal and The Rat Patrol!!

DragTimes.com – Drag Racing Timeslip Database


2 Responses to “So what is the Rat Patrol?”

  1. 1 Ian Frost
    April 8, 2010 at 1:32 pm

    Hey Mal. Nice looking website. one heck of an engine build you got there.

    You won’t remember me, but a couple years back I met you and Laxy in his hardtop at calder park. I remember you were running mid 13’s then, right? and ended up with dizzy problems at the end of the night. there was also another red 360 charger running in the tens with a surprisingly quiet exhaust!

    anyway, great work on the Rat Patrol. She’s a beauty. Ian Frost.

    • April 8, 2010 at 7:14 pm

      Thanks Frosty – I remember you – there is a video of that run when the dissy spat it at the top end of the track. Best time I got with that engine was 13.1- on road tyres. I think that red Charger is running high 9s now.

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