Mats made in heaven

In the mindless pursuit of reviving a by-gone era, I came across an Aussie company whose product I can really recommend.

A quality product!

The company is called “Matcraft” in WA – and through them I was able to order a set of custom floor mats for the Rat Patrol.

 All I had to do was send them a Jpeg image of the logo i wanted, and they did the rest…an embroided and embossed design right down to matching the gold in the logo.

The emboidery is 1st rate and the designs are embossed on the mat using the same technique the factory mats have.  So if you’re looking for something a little “different”, you can’t go further than contacting Paul and Ashlee from Matcraft.

For $120 shipped to my door across Australia, they are vey reasonably priced as well as a great product.

The mats are actually black, but the flash has washed the mat and carpet out a little…but you get the idea….


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